by - February 24, 2018

Hello friends 😊
Today I made this altered project from the scraps I had in my stash.
This is my #motivationproject 
I will try to explain you every thing in as simplest way as I can ! 


STEP 1: take an open envelope I made it using my score board ! 

STEP 2: apply a thin layer of gesso on to it ! 

STEP 3: here you will need a stencil to make pattern on the flat surface ! I'm using a stencil from MUDRA ! 
Using thick gesso here !

STEP 4: play with colours ! Make it as you like it ! 

STEP 5: tease & tear the edges with scissors and then blend any ink on the edges ! Here I'm using burnt amber from ARTISTRY !

STEP 6: stamping ! 
Choose any floral design you have in your stash ! 
Here I'm using floral fantasy #1 from MUDRA !

STEP 7: play with paper ! 
This I took from an old novel I had with me !

STEP 8: now it's time to figure out the scraps you want to place in there ! 

Some motivation quotes I get in my stash !

There no right way to do things ! 
It's always your way ☺️ 
Do it as you like it ☺️ 

And it's DONE ! 

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  1. lovely creation
    Thanks for playing along at the Mudra Challenge#18....
    Sharada Dilip
    Mudra Creative Team