by - January 22, 2018

Let's Get Started !

Step 1: Take two pieces of cardstock measuring 3.25"x6.75"

Step 2: Score both at 4" , 6.5"

Step 3: Take one piece of cardstock and draw a window

Step 4: Cut out the window

Step 5: Fold on the score lines

Step 6: Paste the both pieces together

Step 7: Cut 3 pieces of cardstock measuring 1.5"x4.5"
Score 0.25" from both sides

Step 8: Make curvy lines as shown and cut them out 

Step 9: Take a piece of blue cardstock for the background.
Make small trees and clouds for the garden scene

Step 10: Glue the 3 pieces at a gap of 0.5" from each other

Step 11: Attach and arrange all the trees and clouds

Step 12: Draw a center figure here I made a boy & girl holding hands and walking around 
Arrange and paste down the figures using foam tape

Step 13: Put on a sentiment on the front 
& This is how it will look from top

And it's Done ☺️

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