by - January 27, 2018

Let's Get Started !

Step 1: Take a piece of cardstock measuring 2 1/4" x 1 1/2" 
Score at 1/8" both sides and 1/4" on one as shown.
And draw a semi circle at the top

Step 2: Make two such pieces these will be our side panels.
Make cuts around the edges as shown

Step 3: Take a 2" wide piece of cardstock and take the mark of length by placing it over the previously made side panels.
Mark a 1/2" wide window for front side and 3/4" wide for back.

Cut the front window in totality but for the back cut on only 3 sides leave the bottom uncut to make it like a flap.

Step 4: Cover it with pattern papers.

Step 5: punch a hole on the back flap and place an eyelet on it

Also place a split pin on the top to make a closure for the back window.

Step 6: Now stick the side panels to the long piece as shown

This is how it's will look from side

This is the close look from back

Step 7: Now for the very bottom part take a piece of cardstock measuring 1 3/4" x 2 1/8" 

Score at 1/4" from all sides

Make it like a box and stick it to close the bottom of the mail box.

At last add a flap (optional) and decorate it .

And it's done ☺️

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