by - January 16, 2018


Step 1: Take a piece of white card stock , a heart stamp and your stamp pad.

And stamp a bunch of hearts.

Step 2: Use water colours to paint the hearts.

Step 3: Cut them out neatly.

Step 4: Take a piece of pattern paper measuring 4x4 inches.
Place the hearts forming a circle.

Step5 : To make it easy place a tape roll in the centre.
Now start sticking the hearts around the tape roll.
DON'T stick it completely ! Just some glue drops on the lower part of heart and give is a firm fold from up.

This is how it's going to look when done.
Now keep adding more layers inside.

You just need to add 2 more layers to it.

Step 6: Take a mdf heart cutout and stamped word "love". I did hand write the word "you" here.

Paste the words on the mdf heart.

 Step 7: Now paste the mdf heart we made on the main card using foam tape.

Step 8: To give it a nice look I teared up the sides of our base cardstock and added few white dots on it.

And finally paste the whole thing on a greeting card.

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